This is the boat BMW Oracle. The yacht race is in the 2012 or 2014.
The American Cup is a very famos yacht race.
There are a lot of boat and those two are the best boats.
The winner takes the cup an for the next competition the cup will come back.
One of those boats is called Alinghi. The other one is BMW Oracle.
This is the boat Alinghi team.

Telmo B.


The last day of 10 of july in the skate track of Leioa there was a lot of people.
There was a skate championship.
The Award was a trip to Malmo and two electrical guitars.
An a coke to everybody.
Jaime U. and Javier T.


Last Wednesday we went to Sopuerta abentura.
It is a adventure park in Sopuerta.
You put on an harness and you pass some adventure circuits.
It’s very funny and exciting.
There were four levels:

-The yellow is for people who have more than 4 years.
-The green is for people who have more than 7 years.
-The blue is for people who have more than 14 years.
-And the red is for people who have more than 16 years.

For example, I did the yellow, the green and the blue circuit.

Here you have some photos.
Gonzalo B.


I went to the City of Arts and Science the last summer.
I visited the Oceanographic, the Hemisferic and the Museum of Science Prince Felipe.
In the Oceanographic I saw dolphins doing amazing things.
In the Hemisferic I watched a film called “Dinosaurs Alive”.
And in the Museum of Science Prince Felipe I visited a exposition of MARVEL superhero.
It was very nice!!!


The power balance is a bracelet that does you balance improve.
The power balance is made of silicone.
It is not a clock.
There are different tipes.
One of the most strongest girl (of China) has a power balance.
Fernando B y Pepe Ch.


For many millions of years,the reptiles were most important animals on the Earth.

It was that little was known of the reptiles.

Many of the reptiles that were common then have become extinct.

Among the first reptiles were counted Pelicosaunos.

The large land reptiles had riges on its back.



The Wimblendon is a competition of tennis .
This year Rafa Nadal won vs Tomas Berdych.
Nadal won his second Wimblendon.
The celebration was in London.
Federer lost in quarter of final vs Tomas Berdych.
Nadal won in 3 sets.


Disney Channel is a programme of T.V. that reproduces series for example:

-Phineas and Ferb

-Hanna Montana

-Zack and Cody


-The ugly duckling

-American Dragon

-Brandy and Mr.Wishkers

-Magic Oddparents

-The wizards of Weverly Place

-Jonnhy Test

That series are produced by Disney produces company.
Walt Disney was the person that produced Disney store and the web of Disney Channel.


The octopus is a cephalopod mollusk in the order Octopoda.
Octopuses have two eyes and eight arms.
An octopus has an hard beak.
Paul is a very famous german octopus. It said the score of all football matches of FIFA WORLD CUP OF SOUTHAFRICA 2010.


It takes place in Francia.
It is a ciclying competition.
Its a very important sport.
Some cicle riders are:

1 Cadel Evans

2 Andy Schleck

3 Alberto Contador

4 Jurgen Van Der Broeck

5 Denis Menchov


The day before yesterday we went to Sopelana to do bodyboard activities. The bus driver did a mistake going to another beach of Sopelana. We did two groups, in the first team there was people of 4th, 5th and 6th. And the second team there was people of 3th.
We had the bodyboards and we went to cath waves. It was very funny!! (Jon Ander I. and Fernando B.)

We went to Sopelana and we did Bodyboard. The beach had a a red flag. On Tuesday the beach was very windy.
Then we played a football match. In the beach was a lot of persons. We had a very good time.. (Telmo B. and Pepe Ch.)

Spain is the winner

Spain wins the World Cup of Southafrica 2010. The match was in Johansburg versus Netherlands. Iniesta scored a goal in the minute 116. Netherlanders played very hard and the referee was very bad.
Casillas stoped a lot of possibles goals.
When the match was finished all the people was very happy. Here in Spain, in Barcelona, Valencia, Cáceres, Bilbao... the people was very excited. The Queen of Spain was very happy and the Prince and princess of Asturias were very proud.



Hi boys, Im Tomás Medina. Today Im going with yours classmates on a trip to Pobeña and Cobaron, so I can´t be with you. But Im going to say what you have to do.

5th and 6th: You have to do two teams. You are going to talk me about the trip you did last week. You know you have to write in a word document. You have to write at least 6 sentences (remember arial 12). Then save (guardar) the document (one team just one doc!) in the "escritorio". We will introduce it in the blog next day. When you've finished, you can play a miniclip webside game. You have to remember the computer you've saved the document.

4th: You have to do two teams. You are going to talk me about football. You can talk me about all you want, spanish teams, famous football players, Spain in Sudafrica, Pujol´s goal, what is your favorite football team,... You have to write it in a word document. One team just one doc!)
You have to write at least 6 sentences (remember arial 12). Then save (guardar) the document in the "escritorio". We will introduce it in the blog next day. When you've finished, you can play a miniclip webside game. You have to remember the computer you have saved the document.

Enjoy it!!!



  • ¿Cuándo empieza San Fermín?
  • San Fermín empieza el 7 de julio.

  • Noiz ospatzen da San Fermin?

  • Uztailaren 7an.

  • When does San Fermin party start?

  • On the seventh of July.

  • ¿Donde se celebra San Fermin?

  • San Fermín se celebra en Pamplona.

  • Non ospatzen da?

  • Iruñan ospatzen da.

  • Where does San Fermin party celebrate?

  • In Pamplona.


  • ¿En qué consiste San Fermín?

  • Consiste en llevar a todos los toros a las plazas por las calles de Pamplona.

  • Zer egiten da?

  • Zezen entzierroak: zezenak ateratzen dira eta mozoak zezen aurrean korrika egiten dute.

  • What do the people do in that party?

  • They run ahead bulls.


España Vs Paraguay:

El sábado España jugó un partido contra Paraguay, de cuartos de final. España ganó 1-0. España jugó de azul y Paraguay de rojo y blanco. En la primera parte no hubo ningún gol porque Paraguay se cerró atrás. Apenas hubo ningún tiro. Uno por parte de cada equipo. En la segunda parte hubo dos penaltis, el primer penaltu fue para Paraguay porque Piqué agarró a Cardoso y Cardosa tiró a Casillas y lo paró. Luego Xabi provocó un penalti que metió y tubo que repetirlo. Y luego se lo paró. Luego en el minuto 81 David Villa metió un gol. Paraguay empezó a atacar pero no consiguieron nada. España jugará contra Alemania el miercoles.

España Paraguairen kontra:

Espainiak oso txarto jolastu zuen, baina partida irabazi zuen. 81 minutuan Villak gol bat sartu zuen. Espainiak alkondara urdinarekin jolastu zuen eta Paraguayk kolore gorria eta zuriarekin. Orain Alemaniaren kontra jolastu behar izango du asteazkenean.

Spain vs Paraguay

Tha last saturday Spain won a football match versus Paraguay. Villa scored one goal in a shoot over the area. The referee was very bad. The macht started at 8:30 and finised at 10:15. Spain didn´t play very well and the referee was not very good. We are going to semifinals !!!!

At the minute 60 Xabi Alonso scored a penalty but the referee said to Xabi that he had to repeat the penalty, but the Paraguays goalkeeper stopped it. Casillas stopped a penalty too. The siemifinals is going to be Spain Versus Germany.